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LECTURE 2 “Foundation of Christianity”

“Society tolerates the practice of the Christian faith in private devotions and in church services, but it increasingly deprecates public witness.” ― John C. Lennox

At the Second lecture, we will talk about Christianity foundations. We will learn what Christians believes and what evidence Christianity can bring forth. We try to find out what's Jesus role in Christianity, where we stand as Christians in the bigger picture, and why the Bible is so important. 

Guests lectures of the Second Lecture:
Holger Lahayne is a German citizen, a clergyman of the Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church, EBA lecturer and chairman of the LKSB Council.

Dr. Paulius Čerka - Christian layman, associate professor at VMU Faculty of Law, practicing lawyer, seminars lecturer.

Event venue: VDU daugiafunkcinis mokslo ir studijų centras, V. Putvinskio g. 23, Kaunas, 106 lecture hall

We want to encourage students to search, reason and think about truth, therefore this semester we start 4 lectures which will introduce to Christianity and it's propagated answers.

LECTURE 1 “What is the Truth?” 2019 02 20 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 2 “Foundation of Christianity” 2019 03 20 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 3 "Is the Bible Reliable?" 2019 04 17 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 4 + Q&A "Why am I a Christian?” ’2019 05 15 (Wednesday)