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LECTURE 4 “Why am I a Christian?” + Q&A

Guest speakers of the this lecture:

Holger Lahayne - The clergyman of the Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church, EBI lecturer, chairman of the LKSB Council.

Laurynas Jacevičius is a founder of and representative of Reasonable Faith Vilnius.

Sidney Salcido was born and raised in US. He went to a Bible university called Lee, and received a bachelor degree in Bible and Theology. In 2009 he got a Master's Degree in Apologetics at Biola University. Later, he joined the Salvation Army and was sent to open up a Salvation Army in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Event venue: VDU daugiafunkcinis mokslo ir studijų centras, V. Putvinskio g. 23-106, Kaunas

We want to encourage students to search, reason and think about truth, therefore this semester we start 4 lectures which will introduce to Christianity and it's propagated answers.

LECTURE 1 “What is the Truth?” 2019 02 20 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 2 “Foundation of Christianity” 2019 03 20 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 3 "Is the Bible Reliable?" 2019 04 17 (Wednesday)
LECTURE 4 + Q&A "Why am I a Christian?” 2019 05 15 (Wednesday)