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English Bible study in Kaunas

Dear international students!

We hope your summer break was good and you are ready for the new season. Are you? We have many things to share with you this year so keep checking us on Fb or on Insta!

Sooo... Let's start! First news comes from KAUNAS - we start (again!) ENGLISH BIBLE STUDY for ladies students - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Bible"!

Maybe you have thought about God, or in moments of difficulty have prayed to someone “out there.” Maybe you have visited a church sometimes, or have heard quotes or stories from the Bible. But you never knew where to go to simply find out what it is all about. Is God real? Who is Jesus historically and what is his connection with God? Where did the universe come from and how do I fit in? If there is a God, does He care about me personally? What does He want me to do in life? Let‘s „hitchhike“ together to get a sense of the „big picture“!

Our goal is to start at the beginning to learn about God, grow spiritually, and build friendships. We meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30 for supper, do simple yet deep discussion and study of the Bible and finish by 8:30.

It doesn’t matter if you have never opened a Bible in your life. If you are curious, come join us at 6:30 pm on Wed. Sept. 9 at 64-1 Vilniaus g., Kaunas (right opposite the Holy Donut café). Ph. +370-665-18102 or email: