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Our objectives for 2020

A watering can is used for gardening and watering plants and,just as a gardener
has to replenish his watering can, so also LKSB is looking for sources of funding.
In order for us to continue our ministry and meet objectives for 2020 year, in our “watering-can” we would need to have 36.000 EUR or 3000 EUR/month.


We invite you to consider joining us - become supporter
and co-worker in this mission!

Our objectives for 2020:

Strengthen LKSB students groups.

At the moment we have 1 group in Vilnius and 2 in Kaunas (lithuanian and international one).

Organize 2 student training weekends in February and September (beginning of each new semester).

This is a way for LKSB students from different student groups meet together to study Bible, pray for one another, learn some helpful skills and tools for their group activities.

Prepare for mission week in March.

Mission week is a series of events in university for a week or couple of days, where we invite students with all worldviews to think and talk about faith and big life questions. This is our biggest event of the year. All students, staff team and volunteers join together to present Christian faith.

Weekend camp for LKSB graduates and friends.

We want to encourage our graduates to be faithful disciples of Jesus in all areas of their live: work, family, society. The main topic of the weekend: Christian at work.
Up to 80% of our budget is related with staff team expenses (salaries, taxes). Other expenses are administrative, promotion, event costs.