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Fellowship features

Who we are: 10 features of the Fellowship


We work in the world of science

A great number of different worldviews, beliefs and ideas is found at universities. Christian faith is challenged and faces many different questions: what is the truth in a pluralistic environment? How religion is related to science and faith – to thinking? How Christianity is related to subjects being studied, future occupation and a specific job?

LKSB attempts to find answers to these serious questions at the time of events being organized and in its publications. We encourage students to renew thinking on the basis of biblical teaching, develop Christian worldview and to fill one‘s life with faith. We encourage to analyse movements of society and philosophical and religious movements from biblical perspective.


We study the Bible

God speaks to people through His Word – Holy Scriptures, or the Bible, in other words. Everlasting truths of God as well as the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ are provided in the Bible. The Bible is not just one of the many religious books. It is „inspired and unmistakeable Word of God, supreme authority in all matters of faith and behaviour“ (Statements of Faith of the Fellowship).

We have to obey God and His Word, therefore, primarily, LKSB is the movement for reading the Bible, encouraging others to study the Word of God. We invite reading students to join groups, we help to clarify the meaning of biblical texts by applying different study methods. Together we discuss how God’s truths are applied in daily life, what is the significance of biblical texts in the modern present world.


We preach the Gospel

The message about Jesus Christ is the core of the Bible. The task to spread this message as widely as possible is entrusted to Christians. LKSB takes to pursue this calling of Christians in higher education institutions of Lithuania. The aim of the fellowship is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students (and lecturers) in a way comprehensible to them so that they would believe in Jesus Christ and convert, set free from sins and reconciliate with God.

The best evangelists among the students are the students themselves, they may introduce faith to others easily through their own lives and testimonies. Fellowship supports missionary way of life, develops skills for spreading the Gospel, encourages students to unite and evangelize together, provides aids and appliances (e.g. literature).


We strengthen faith

The one who accepted Jesus Christ‘s invitation is called to live a believer‘s life. Life of such a man, in all its entity, must witness that Jesus Crist is His Lord. LKSB helps students to strengthen their relation with God, strengthen their faith, encourages to obey Christ in all spheres of life. It also encourages to find one‘s gifts – skills and talents, to unclose and use them, to implement faith experience actively at universities, in the society and in families.


Due to his beliefs, a Christian may feel lonely, misunderstood and filled with doubts in academic environment. Thus, the fellowship encourages believers to communicate, support each other, provides possibility to share experience and challenges in group meetings, seminars, state and international conferences. We support counselling communication both in the fellowship and in church congregations.


We promote students‘ responsibility

LKSB is a student organization. Each member may contribute to the management of the fellowship with the right of election or delegation. Students themselves manage activity of university groups. The fellowship has employees for its administrative, counselling and organizational matters. Team work is emphasized in all organizational levels. Former students may help voluntarily.

Not everyone has the gift to lead, and those who have must develop and use it. Therefore, the fellowship gives great attention to lead and motivate skilled leaders. To show initiative, to be active, to seek goal together with others – all this is theoretically and practically taught within the frames of the fellowship.


We build God‘s Church

One of the goals of the Fellowship is to build universal church of Christ. Thus, LKSB considers itself as a helper to churches in higher education institutions. Converted students are encouraged to join local church congregations and to be active there particularly after one‘s studies. LKSB activity and events are not of church character in order not to compete with churches. In turn, churches support activity of the fellowship with prayers, ministries and finances.


We stand on evangelical beliefs

The fellowship does not serve interests of one of the church, but is in touch with different churches and their unions. For this reason there are members of LKSB, its employees, leaders and representatives from different confessions and streams. However, participation of priests in the activity of the Fellowship is not sought. Its members are united by one Faith commitment reflecting the most important elements of Christian faith: God the Creator, Trinity, Jesus‘ death and resurrection etc.

The commitment contains some fundamentals of evangelical faith: only the Bible is a supreme authority in all matters of teaching and faith; justification and salvation are possible only through faith; church is not a building or organization, it is a spiritual community of all the believers. LKSB highlights the importance of theology and encourages to study it.


We cooperate with international organizations

Global interdenominational movement of Christian students exists from the end of 19th century. Leaders of movements from ten countries established IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) in 1947. Today IFES unites student fellowships in almost 140 countries. LKSB joined this organization in 1999. The Fellowship of Lithuanian Christian Students closely cooperates with student movements in Baltic and Middle Europe region, maintaining close relations with student organizations in England and Switzerland.

Being a member of IFES, the Fellowship of Lithuanian Christian Students belongs to the global evangelical movement that originated in the middle of the last century and agrees on its fundamental values: keeping historical truths of Christianity, emphasizing personal faith, Bible authority, uniqueness of Jesus Christ, importance of missionary activity and social responsibility of Christians.


We pray

The meaning of prayer cannot be measured but it is obvious. Without prayers there would not be any LKSB and it could not exist. God wants His children to call their Father with trust, thanksgiving and requests. This wish is testified by many revelations in His word.

Students, graduates and employees pray for their colleagues and their spiritual way; for believers in higher education institutions and in all other spheres of science so that they would grow spiritually and know the Word of God better; for LKSB leaders and their activity; for the whole Church of Christ and all preachers of the Good News; for other members of IFES movement. Prayer is an important part of LKSB events, it is especially emphasized during the global day of students‘ prayer organized by IFES on 6th November.



Jesus Christ assigned believers to spread the Good News to the end of the world. Missionary activity of LKSB starts from student groups, they act in higher education institutions like light and salt. We testify faith by words and actions in all spheres of society life. Fellowship encourages graduates to join international Christian activity (e.g. IFES messenger team) and to support global missionary work after studies or take christian ministry in other cultures by themselves.