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My new adventure with God

Stanka – studentė iš Slovakijos, prisidėjusi prie Lietuvos krikščionių studentų bendrijos (toliau LKSB) misijos praeitą pusmetį. Mergina į Lietuvą atkeliavo per Erasmus studentų mainų programą ir mielai pasidalino įspūdžiais apie savo studentišką gyvenimą ir patirtį Lietuvoje ir LKSB. Kviečiame skaityti interviu (angl.k.)

Stanka, tell us about the country and the town where you live.
I am coming from a small country in Central Europe - Slovakia. I am coming even from a smaller city, but currently living and studying in the University of Economics in the capital city Bratislava. It is our biggest city, but honestly not my favorite; yet because of my friends and family in Christ I found my place there!

Are you involved in a Christian student movement in your country?
Yes, I am involved in the movement and in the Christian group at my University. It is amazing, we are meeting every day during lunch break, praying for school and teachers, exams and also we have a lot after school activities.

Tell us your story - how you found God and started to believe in Him?
I found God when I was 20 years old, the first year at the University. It was because my mom has a friend, who is a Christian. She has always been example for me, but the most fascinating thing about her was her living faith. During my first year as a student I went through a difficult time and it was this amazing Christian woman who told me about Christ and my heart just jumped into His mighty hands.

What was the main reason for your decision to study in Lithuania?
Erasmus program is very popular among students and I also wanted to try it. And I was talking to some girls from our University Christian group who also were involved in Erasmus and they encouraged me to try it and that it might even be my new adventure with God. And it definitely was!

What do you remember the most from your time in Lithuania?
During five month stay in Lithuania we did a lot of things, lots of activities - cooking, traveling, getting to know new people. It was very special for me to know LKSB (Lithuanian Christian Student Fellowship) people, to learn more about their activities, and to get a bit involved.

What impressions do you have about "Christianity Explored" course?
Christianity Explored was the first Christian course I’ve seen and also been part of. In my opinion it is really great course. I like the way it is made. With all the videos and materials! I was very surprised by it and enjoyed it a lot.

You were a student leader. Did you find it difficult to lead the group? Did you like it?
Being a student leader was another amazing experience. It was something new for me. It is hard to say if it was difficult. As a leader I had to take responsibility for attenders, for the way we are leading and for the preparation and organizational stuff.
First it was harder because I didn’t know how to do things but I love talk to people and showing them Jesus. I wouldn’t have done without my amazing co-leaders, who helped me and encouraged me all the time!

What did you find new about yourself and God here in Lithuania?
At the beginning I had to get out of my comfort zone and talk to my friends and Erasmus people about Christian bible study group and it was the very new thing for me; also leading the group. And about God - He is amazing! He showed me that He is working through our imperfections and even through our mistakes. He showed me Himself in completely new way.

What are your future plans? Do you think about going to another country?
Well, first I have to complete my degree because I am in my final year. In May all will be finished. I am praying and asking God about what should be my next steps. But definitely I would love to visit other countries.

What would you like to wish for students from Christianity Explored group and for LKSB?
I wish to all of you that you will know and experience Jesus’ love in every single day, know His heart and power. I wish that He would be working in your life and that you would be like a tool in His hands, bringing His Kingdom into students’ lives and they would turn to follow Jesus in a radical way!

Thank you!

Kristina Avetisianaitė

Christianity Explored group of Erasmus students

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